Higher education system has to adapt to the fast changing needs of today's digital learners. As colleges and universities across the globe face increased challenges in terms of operational pressures, competition for students, faculty and research funding, along with the need to educate a new generation of workforce - there are constantly increasing demands to achieve more with fewer resources.

Profound Connected Education is an innovative idea for education and learning delivered through a rich platform leveraging technology and an integrated approach to IT. Our solutions enable institutions to connect their learning community (students, teachers/faculty, administrative & operational staff, researchers and academicians) with creative tools and collaboration technologies, stay on top of trends with insightful performance reporting, and manage it all on a cost-efficient, secure IT platform.

Our mature development and testing standards(CMMi and TMMi compliant), robust systems and application compatibility enable institutions build a holistic environment, step by step, providing them confidence that solutions will interoperate with each other seamlessly. This enables them to plan for improvements and scale easily to meet ebbs and troughs in demand. It can also significantly reduce the cost of IT support through familiar interfaces, common systems and smart IT management solutions.

Our Services

  • Connected Education
  • e-Learning applications
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Institutional effectiveness dashboards “beyond reporting”
  • Research Management
  • Adaptive and Virtual Learning platform development
  • Custom e-learning application development management and support
  • ERP implementation, upgrades and testing to support various LOBs
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Social insights and analytics for measuring student learning engagement and progress
  • LMS/LCMS development
  • mLearning solutions(iOS, Android, and Windows)
  • University automation and analytics
  • SaaS based payment solutions
  • Cloud enabled asynchronous learning platform
  • Student relationship management solutions
  • Training & Assessment solutions