The retailer of today will have to fully engage with the customer across channels, tap into new geographies and unlock value with operational excellence. To accomplish this, retailers will need a partner that can contribute across the value chain by sharing KPIs and a strategic vision of the organization.

Retailers are deploying more-and-more in-store technology (e.g., wireless Point-of-Sale (POS), guest Wi-Fi, location-based retail presence analytics) just to remain competitive in the market. Fortinet’s end-to-end connectivity and security solution enables these technologies to be securely connected, while protecting the network from the latest advanced threats and ensuring strict compliance to PCI DSS.

Retail chains across the world are confronting the twin challenges of aggressive competition and declining sales. As a result, most marketing initiatives are designed around the existing customers’ anticipated needs, motivations and personalities. However, an effective program should baseline observed behavior such as customer’s shopping trail, purchase basket, customer profile, channel mix, and preferences to recommend the right products to the right customer at the right time.

In addition, retailers can harness technologies such as mobile, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality and more along with process reengineering innovations such as lean logistics to benefit from paradigm-shifting business transformations that can put those leagues ahead of competition.

Profound help retailers modernize customer shopping experience

When it comes to retail industry, customer experience and satisfaction is of paramount importance. All retail chains and outlets vie for footfalls and site visits. A major part of the budget is spent on marketing and advertising and enhancing the in-store display to make the overall shopping experience a pleasure. With mobile devices becoming a key technology enabler, brick-and-mortar stores are incorporating it to enhance customer shopping experience and employee productivity.

In assessing vendors to help our transformation, we didn’t initially think of HP. But then we saw HP had created a new internal retail solutions group, hiring people with a heavy hitting retail background and creating retail technology solutions. They weren’t just talking technology. They were talking retail.

Profound has many years of proven experience in the retail segment that it is has employed to build inventive solutions for every part of retail lifecycle-from procurement to sales and post sales-to help you gain a competitive edge.

Customer expectations for service and personalization are higher than they’ve ever been. Adobe helps you evolve and streamline your digital marketing to thrive in this new environment. We make it easy for you to bring together retail analytics and content from across every channel to create better customer experiences.

Scale, personalization, and security are some of the biggest challenges facing the retail industry. Cloud Platform gives you the tools to deliver your applications at global scale, run advanced analytics to better understand your customers, and protect your shopper's most sensitive data. Retail and Consumer Goods companies are building a deeper and richer relationship with their customers than ever before. To make more informed merchandising decisions, deliver superior service and drive deeper engagement, companies must ensure an anytime, anywhere relationship with customers, partners and suppliers.

While the retail industry continues its relentless focusing on operational excellence and cost reduction on one end, on the other they are increasing budgets and shifting spending to applications, including increased interest in ERP. The only caveat being added is more caution and as much care